hey, I'm leerob 👋

I'm a frontend developer, optimist, and community builder. I currently work as the VP of Product at Vercel, where I help teach the Next.js logomarkNext.js community, an open-source web framework built with React.

Me speaking on stage at React Summit about the future of Next.js
Me, Lydia, and Delba filming the Next.js Conf keynote
Me standing on stage at Reactathon delivering the keynote
Me standing on stage at SmashingConf giving a talk about my optimism for the web
Me and Guillermo Rauch on stage for Vercel Ship, answering questions from the Next.js community
My badge on top of a pile of badges from a Vercel meetup we held

I create educational content for developers, teaching them about web development, JavaScript and TypeScript, React and Next.js, and more. This comes in all forms: blog posts, videos, tweets, conference talks, and workshops. You can watch some of my favorites below.

Over the past decade, I've written content on my blog and newsletter. I try to keep things simple. You'll find writing about technologies I'm interested in at the time, or how I'm learning and growing in my career, sharing knowledge along the way.

I invest small angel checks into early stage startups building tools for developers.

I've worked with and advised companies on developer marketing, developer relations, building open-source communities, product-led growth, and more.