What is Developer Relations?

May 9, 2022 (2y ago)

Developer Relations is the intersection between coding, teaching, and community building. It's a space where you can take a love for technology, share it with a community, and help others along the way.

What do they do?

  • Community: DevRel are community builders. They run events and are active wherever the community lives. The community can then can ask questions, share knowledge, and grow together. Your community becomes the advocates for your product.
  • Education: DevRel teach other developers. Writing blogs, making videos, and building examples. They spread awareness and educate developers about the product. They must be helpful and honest.
  • Product: DevRel can play a critical role in shaping the product. They can translate developer pain into the product roadmap. This more than product documentation. It's a curiosity for how to improve the developer experience. They must have empathy for developers.

What makes a great DevRel?

  • You love writing.
  • You love building.
  • You are an exceptional engineer and you love learning new technology.
  • You have a passion for technology and a desire to share it with others.
  • You enjoy talking about technology, while having empathy for others views.
  • You enjoy helping others. You give more than you take.