These are events I will or have spoken at, as well as summaries of the talks I’ve given. If you’d like to have me speak at your event, please contact me.


Talent42June 11th, 2019Seattle, WA
dsmJSSeptember 10th, 2019Des Moines, IA
Prairie CodeSeptember 12th, 2019Des Moines, IA
DSM Web GeeksSeptember 18th, 2019Des Moines, IA
Iowa Technology SummitOctober 1st, 2019Des Moines, IA
ERE Recruiting ConferenceApril 15th, 2020San Diego, CA


Recruiting Engineers (From an Engineer's Perspective)

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Hiring talent is becoming increasingly difficult with low unemployment rates and the tech industry booming. What you can do to stick out? Learn from an engineer who's been involved on both sides - both as a candidate and with hiring - on what candidates REALLY want out of a position.

Building Component Libraries with a Monorepo

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Learn why your organization needs a component library and discover the best practices for building, scaling, and adopting it across all platforms. We'll be using industry-standard technology (React, JavaScript, Storybook) alongside cutting-edge solutions (CSS-in-JS, Monorepo).