About Me

Hey, I'm Lee. Most folks know me as leerob online.

I'm currently the VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, where I lead our Developer Relations and Documentation teams. I focus on educating and growing the Vercel and Next.js communities.

I'm passionate about many creative pursuits, including music, photography, videography, and of course, coding. This combination of interests is what ultimately led me to my current role in building developer communities.

I love building for the web. From something as simple as a single HTML file – all the way to large Next.js applications. The web is incredible. Anyone can become a developer, writer, or creator – and no one has to ask for permission. You can just build.

Outside of Vercel, I angel invest in developer tools companies and advise early-stage startups. I also do Developer Relations consulting work, helping companies take their DevRel function from 0 to 1, or provide guidance on growing communities, content creation, and developer marketing.